Destination Lactation

“I need help with breastfeeding. Should I choose a home visit or an office visit with a lactation consultant?”

Lactation consultants Lactationcare offices - 25 Fisher St Newton MA - exterior

At least once a day we receive a call from a worried family seeking breastfeeding assistance in their home. They are often disappointed to hear that Lactation Care, the resource their doctor referred them to, does not provide a home visit service for feeding assessments and consultations. When we explain more to them about the kinds of lactation services we DO provide in our office-based setting they are curious to learn more about us. When they hear about how soon we may an opening in our schedule for them and how reasonable our rates are, more often than not, they book an appointment.

A home visit certainly has its appeal. You don’t have to go anywhere. The provider comes to you, minimizing disruption to your family’s life. Anyone who has traveled anywhere with a newborn understands that preparing for and executing an outing with baby is no small task. Furthermore, the term “office visit” may conjure images of a stark, cold, clinical environment complete with a germ-laden waiting area, the acrid smell of disinfectants and johnnies that gap in all the wrong places. Our office is different. Lactation Care provides a comfortable, welcoming office experience with a level of service that just might make our office a “lactation destination” worth considering.

Lactation Care - lactation assessment location - comfortable living room setting in Newton MA

Many families are surprised to learn that our office space of the past almost 30 years is actually located in a home. Since our incorporation in 1987, we have gradually taken over almost the entire first floor, and then some, of the private residence of our President and founder, Dot Norcross, IBCLC, RLC. It is a very beautiful, warm space that Dot has created for welcoming families. As soon as you arrive, you are met with the blessing of easy, on-street parking. Pull up to the curb and you are a short 10 steps away from the front door. In the winter, in the event of a storm, our grounds crew literally removes the snowbanks from your path, making the swath of road in front of #25 the envy of the neighborhood. Come inside and find cozy spa slippers and a peaceful orchid or seasonal decorations in the foyer. We take pains to avoid waiting times and often families are immediately ushered into the consultation room. Inside they find a distinctly non-clinical space awaiting them replete with dark woods, cozy armchairs, and fresh cut flowers. No detail is left to chance from the hand sewn baby scale cozy to the flannel-lined nursing pillows available for use. The boutiquey vibe created is both relaxing and inviting. One father remarked upon departing our office after a feeding assessment, “I feel as though I have been to a friend’s house. Thank you!”

Lactation Care Kichen Setting for Lactation Consults

And while our space may have a distinctly homey feel to it, the work we do here is anything but casual. Our staff members are accredited with the highest level of credentialing available within the field: IBCLC. Dot Norcross has been assisting breastfeeding families with hands-on support for almost 30 years now. Even our most junior staff members, accredited in 2009, have over a decade of clinical counseling experience. We operate together as a group practice. Just like you may have sought out a group practice when selecting a pediatrician, obstetrician or midwife; there are advantages to working with a group of lactation consults rather than a home visit LC flying solo. You may find our service to be in better position to respond quickly to your urgent feeding questions and support needs. You’ll benefit from the wisdom of many experienced lactation experts all available to you simply by picking up the phone. Anyone answering the phone is qualified to answer a feeding related question. And we always are here to answer the phone and don’t ever disappear to take a vacation.

Flowers in Lactation Care Consultation space

And while the façade of the business is cozy and welcoming, the inner workings behind the scenes are all business. Just outside of view from the consultation room is our business office, outfitted with a vast array of breastfeeding related technology, equipment and office systems. From hospital grade breast pumps and kits, rental scales, supplemental nursing systems, flanges and nipple shields sized for every mother; we have everything available in-office, at our fingertips, to facilitate your breastfeeding experience. Our integrated systems allow us to provide authorizations for insurance breast pumps and gap coverage with private rental options. We are an in-network provider for most major insurance companies. Replacement breast pump parts are available a la carte and our staff is trained to evaluate your need for different sized breast shields. We are one-stop shopping for most lactation needs.

After a visit to Lactation Care, Inc. most families feel empowered with the knowledge, tools and support needed to make feeding-related decisions with confidence. This is why pediatricians, obstetricians and midwives have been referring their patients to us for decades.

Scale for lactation assessment of baby weight at Lactatoion Care office

A visit to our office is the “tip of the iceberg.” We provide all of our consultation families with ongoing phone support until they feel fully launched with their breastfeeding experience. We are available by phone, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. To view customer testimonials about our services please check out our Reviews on Yelp. For more information or to schedule a visit please call us at 617-244-5593 or contact us by email at .

PS: We know that an in-office assessment isn’t the best option for every family. The following resources are provided for those needing a home visit lactation consultant:

  • A database operated by the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition that is searchable by postal zip code and provides contact information for lactation resources in your local area.
  • The official website of the International Lactation Consultant Association. The “Find an LC” feature allows you to search their database of IBCLCs by postal zip code.
  • A website owned and operated by several Greater Boston-area home-visit LCs complete with biographies and contact info.