The Battle for the Best Nursing Pillow: The Nurse-Ease™

pillow fight

What do you get when you combine the creativity of a breastfeeding seamstress and the know-how of a board certified lactation consultant? The best nursing pillow ever!

Are you searching for a nursing pillow? Overwhelmed by the mass-produced options out there at the big box stores? Want a pillow that is both functional AND unique for yourself or that special mom/mom-to-be? Look no more. Lactation Care is the only place to get the best nursing pillow ever! The Nurse-Ease™ Pillow! Check out the features of this fantastic pillow, the love child of nursing mom/seamstress extraordinaire, Toni Parker and baby-whisperer/IBCLC Dot Norcross.

purple nurseease pillow

    • It’s firm with 3 times the batting material so it won’t lose its shape and flatten out like those other pillows. Firm support keeps baby at the height of the breast to help with proper positioning. Flat soggy pillows can contribute to pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Hunching over and slouching during feeds can lead to prolonged breast pain for mothers suffering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and related disorders. Pain is the number one reason cited for cessation of breastfeeding in the early weeks.


    • The Nurse-Ease™ has a fully adjustable strap in the back to keep the pillow snugged in close to mom’s belly. Baby stays put, maintaining a nice, deep latch and a more comfortable feeding experience.


    • The beveled-edge design creates a nook supporting baby’s back to keep baby in proper position tummy to tummy with mom. This can facilitate skin to skin contact between mom and baby which is fantastic for so many reasons!
    • Fully machine washable and dryable for easy care. Makes cleaning up from life’s little accidents a snap. Just remove the strap, toss it in the washer to wash and the dryer to dry. If only baby were so easy to care for!
    • Hand-made in the USA with Pride! Each pillow is unique. Hand-sewn and hand-stuffed by Toni and Richard Parker in Wyoming, USA. Each one is just a little bit different from the next. Colors and patterns vary. Sure to stand out from the crowd at the Mommy and Me groups.
    • Durable and built to last. We’ve been utilizing these pillows in our private practice for years and they’ve stood up to the test. Check out this picture of a Nurse-Ease™ that has been put through the paces in our office for the last 8 years.


We just received a large shipment of pillows. If you know of a mom that might benefit from one of these unique, boutique pillows, please share this blog post. For more information about how to order a pillow, follow this link: The Best Nursing Pillow Ever: The Nurse-Ease or give us a call at 617-244-5593.
Happy Nursing!